Understanding The Spiritual Awakening: Embracing Your True Self

What is the spiritual awakening? Discover the essence of your true self. Explore the journey of becoming the person you are meant to be.

What is the spiritual Awakening?

The spiritual awakening is about transforming from being one person to the one you truly are.

We talk about the awakening in many terms and forms. But what is the spiritual awakening about really? In a simple expression, it’s about releasing your soul so that you can live in the body you gained in this life you’re experiencing now. For your soul has done a tremendous journey to experience all that it is. It has waited and learned for a very long time, through several past lives, so that you, right where you are now, can be fully released.

During several lives you’ve learned to be someone others approve

Your soul has been on this earth, in different bodies, several times before. Everything the soul experienced in all the past lives has a big impact on your life experience today. The life you’re living now and all the past lives have an impact on your awakening. Make any sense? You can always read more about past lifetimes in our post about how past life impacts the awakening.

Let me explain further. The soul always wants to awaken. The soul is here for the spiritual awakening since it’s the greatest goal the soul has. To feel all that it is inside a physical form (your body).

Through all these past lives the soul has tried for a spiritual awakening. And somewhere it has succeeded, but then got stuck or obstructed for some reason. All these past obstacles and the times you in your physical form experienced all the pain and regrets for what happened then, are now an obstacle in the life form you experience today.

The blocking hides your soul

All of these obstacles, pain, sufferings, anxiety, and, experiences that are holding your soul back from the spiritual awakening today have to be healed for you to get through them. That is why the awakening in many ways is challenging.

All of these painful experiences that you have in this life or other lifetimes are an impact on who you choose to be. It affects your personality and behavior, making you believe that you are someone that’s not you. For who you truly are, is the soul waiting and longing for the freedom of enlightenment. To gain knowledge of a full understanding of all of this, Awakening – to heal and get closer to yourself is a book for you.

So, you have to go through all the healing processes to release your soul. For every process, you can feel more of your true power and the true spiritual you. Such as, for every process, you’re being aware of the personalities and behaviors you believed were you, and when you see them, you can transform into the one you truly are. The soul, in a physical form, is here to make a very special impact on the world.

All the things you’re letting go of will make you see who you are. And you will transform into this person.

So what is the Spiritual Awakening and why is it happening?

The awakening to enlightenment is your spirit’s highest goal. Your soul has prepared to do this for a long time. And it’s doing it because it wants to be awakened, but also to experience the connection to the divine that it is. In the divinity you can reach all your inner wisdom, life is created without suffering (although you will still have challenges), and also spread the unique you to awaken even more people.

You will transform

You start your awakening journey as one person. The person is full of unhealed wounds and with a soul hidden inside and under all these wounds. For every healing process, you’re letting go of something that is not truly you. For every part, you’re letting go of you´re changing your personality and behaviors. This means, that when you have done several healing processes, you will be another person. You will act like someone else, you will do things you haven’t done before. And every time you will get even closer to your soul and act and be more and more of the truly you.

You will transform. It’s inevitable. Trying to hold on to something that is not you anymore will only transform (the awakening) longer and harder than it has to be.

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