About us

We're dedicated and called to serve the restrained Angels of Earth so that you can shine your light bright.

Together we can make a great impact on the spiritual awakening that earth needs.

Called to serve

Sometimes it felt like being crazy and in our imagination. But the voices inside weren't silenced, instead, they became stronger.
With the Sacred Purpose Method, we're able to serve our Soul Purpose.

The story of Elisabeth

I used to feel a sense of discordance and an unfulfilled void. There was a hollowness within me, leading me to question my pursuits despite faithfully pursuing my heartfelt desires.

I sensed an inner knowing urging me to liberate myself from convictions, individuals, and anything that drained my energy. Recognizing that my actions were misaligned due to my tendency to prioritize others as well as being mixed up with other's energy, I understood the need to enact a transformation.
I felt that my mission was sacred, and I had to transform.
No more pleasing others, I have to do what I had to do.

This path guided me directly to our courses. Every creation emerged as a divine blessing, revealing the concealment of my true self, the entanglement in karmic cycles, past lives, and the internal patterns and mechanisms that kept me bound, causing a sensation of stagnation and lack of progress. I could see it all as well as release everything I saw.

Upon attaining harmony within, my recollection became whole. The purpose of my existence became clear, and I unearthed the elusive quest of my journey. Sensations of self-rediscovery surged within me. My identity was recognized, and the celestial choir of Angels greeted my return homeward.

Today, I experience a profound fulfillment
 in living out my purpose.

My being resonates with an angelic vitality, exuding strength, security, and boundless joy.

I once believed my role was to teach others the art of spiritual awakening, I now understand that my true mission is to be a messenger for the Choir of Angels. When in alignment my soul's purpose is easy, with joy, and pride in serving the angels of earth.