Message from the angels

This blog post is a message from the Choir of Angels. "We have tried to call you for some time now. Please hear us out".

This blog post is a message from the angels, or the Choir of Angels as they call themselves. The Choir of Angels has been with me for a long time, and together we work to make those who are feeling called get more conscious. You can read about them, and who they are, in another post. Today they would like to bring you a message. I will be the deliverer and therefore I will let over the words to the angels and spiritual guards in the choir of Angels.

We have tried to call you for some time now. Please hear us out.

We get in touch in different ways. Know that we always want to help you expand yourself. We lead you to your inner wisdom. Follow us and we will together make great things happen in your life. Read about how to work with your angels and spiritual guides here.

What you need to do right now is to start by looking at this video that we made for you.

Have you ever felt like nobody was there?

Well, let that lonely feeling wash away. There's a reason to believe you'll always be okay. Everything that you've been through has a purpose. All of it, even the dark sides. Everything is for the caution of you to expand yourself. To be the one you're meant to be.

It all comes with wisdom. Wisdom of how you can be more of who you are. And how you can spread your wisdom to the world. You have a unique piece of the puzzle to fill. And we want to help you to that point. One road to work with us is through Awakening with the Angels. If you feel in your heart that this is something for you, hear more about the program here.

The feeling you sometimes have about loneliness, it's because you've not found your tribe yet. Let us be the tribe and let us then lead you to find your earth tribe. The one's meant to be your partners in raising the energy of the earth. Let us into your heart and you will never feel lonely again.

Message from the angels; Reach out your hand

Whenever you feel lost, reach out and call us. Someone will always give you an answer, and lead you home. Just listen deep into your heart, that's where you find our answer.

Know that you're important

There's more power need to be released Your voice is important. Your uniqueness has a value that we want you to understand. Don't worry, we will show you.

We're always here. We're always listening and we will always guide you home.

If you as well as I, feel that blogging is your way to reach out, I highly recommend The treasure map to blog success in 30 days. Which helped me to start this blog without being burned out.

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