How to find your soul purpose

How you will find your soul purpose is connected with how you get through your spiritual awakening. It's a process of expanding.

You made an action on your path to find your soul purpose. You reading this right now shows you that. Because the step you've taken shows that you are following your inner voice. It leads you here. Even though you don´t know why or how you came here, you are reading this.

And we are telling you that you are on a very important mission. You might have known it for a while, maybe feeling it but won't let yourself admit it, or this is a feeling you get right now while reading these words.

It's not mine or your imagination. I know it's real. I can´t ignore it any longer. And I want you to come to the point where you remember all of this too. Where your soul rises, interacts in everything you are, and you remember who you are.

But if you don´t feel this resonates with you, it´s okay to just quit reading right here. No hard feelings about that.

Find your soul purpose it's a process you have to go through

First of all, it is a journey and a process. Finding your purpose is not something you do overnight. You won't just wake up one morning and find yourself conscious. How you will find your soul purpose is connected with how you get through your spiritual awakening. You can read about what spiritual awakening is here.

So, how do you find your soul's purpose?

When I started writing this post to you, I came with a sense of how to explain what I did to find my purpose. I started to think about what did I do and how I came to the point where I am now, sitting here and writing this to you.

You see, I found out that my soul's purpose is to be a messenger to explain the meaning of the soul and the spiritual awakening. And It can be quite tricky sometimes to find the right words or how to explain something that is an experience that the mind is not supposed to take part in. Because this is what your purpose is, it's a deep sense and feeling of knowing. You feel it in your heart, you feel it in your soul and you feel it in the vibes of every cell inside your body. You just know what to do. And yet you doubt it.

Despite what you feel deep within you, it's enough with just a little slight of doubt from the mind to think you imagine it all. That´s how the mind works. Constantly giving you misleads that is based on the ego's fears of losing, winning, transforming, or changing. It's a biological mechanism to keep us away from the unknown that can be a danger to us. At least this is what your mind thinks.

Therefore you have to get around your mind and the ego. Teach them step-by-step that it's safe to expand. That's how to find your soul purpose. You have to get around the mind, for it's only then you can hear the whisper of your soul.

How to find it

You already have all the answers within you. But if you can't hear them it's because your ego and your mind block you from hearing the wisdom you already carry within. If you have a strong ego, not willing to abate at all, then you have some self-healing left to do.

We all have similar meanings and steps of how to find it within us. But how you will do it and what topic you will "work" with is what makes us different from each other. I have written about the development process of awakening, and you can read it here. If you need a starter, you can also read this post about healing for a soiled heart.

My answer is to focus on expanding the spirit. In this expansion, you will find memories of who you are. Who you are is connected to your soul's purpose.

And since I could not find a whole program or someone to show me how to remember, I have to create it for myself. I´m still creating it. But the tools we have gathered in the Awakening program are made to be used again and again. All combined and created for expansion where you are in your expansion. Every time. It's so genius performed. But I didn't see all of that the first. I just followed the whisper of my heart and the anxious voice inside telling me I had to do this. And so I did.

And here I am. Now remembering. Where I clearly can see my purpose. And doing it right now here with you. Explaining all of this. And even though it may seem you don´t get this, you know inside. You feel it. 


The tricky part

The hard work on your journey is to get through all the obstacles your ego and mind create for you. All the blocking you have inside that keeps you away from your purpose. The wounds you have to heal to see and feel clear. These obstacles, when you are a lightworker, run deep and very often comes with karmas you have to solve from your soul's earlier incarnations.

I tried to create my purpose during many past lives but got into deep traumas every time. Traumas that were holding it all back in this life. And I had to go through all of my issues that were in my way of seeing it all in this life. I could not hide from anything.

All of this is what the spiritual awakening is about when you are a lightworker. Being aware of all the things you have gone through. To find the core of where the obstacles were created. Then you will remember who you are.

Got inspired?

Maybe by reading this, even though you might don´t understand it in your mind, you're feeling an inspiration coming alive from within. Experiencing a feeling of something growing inside.

Obey that inspiration. Feel it. Give it space by breathing it all in.

The spirit wants to create. And you could be like me, having a feeling you would like to create through writing. Then I want to give you some starters.

If you want to make a book, I recommend Draft2Digital for self-publishing. They made it so easy for me to publish my book Awakening and let this out into the world.

If you feel you want a blog to start writing, start with this step-by-step guide to starting your blog. I don´t know how I would manage all of this without it.

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