Healing for a soiled heart

This is a session of healing for you, who have been filtered with jealousy, and sunken energy that gave you a soiled heart.

All these emotions led you to a soiled heart that needs to be refreshed and healed.

We, The Choir Of Angels, will guide you through this healing session with help from Elisabeth. She will help us write down our words and put in the music we need to give you this healing.

Before the healing of a soiled heart

Before we lead you into the healing for a soiled heart, we first want to tell you how hate is created.

To feel hate you first have to feel deep love. Hate comes from love. When you deeply love someone but then experience feelings of being betrayed, that's when hate can start to fill someone's heart.

Very often the one who hates the most had before this started infiltrated their heartfelt the highest level of love there is. These persons have a big heart, but something happened in the past that instead created a black hole in the heart. From this hole, they fill it with hate instead of the love that was there before, or the love they could use to heal this black hole again.

It´s never too late to heal a "black" and soiled heart, but the person who experiences this, just for themselves admits the energy that is now stuck in their heart and lets themselves be healed from it. You cannot do this healing for someone else. But you can heal your own heart from the soiled energy that got there from someone else's heart.

It's your choice to do this healing as well as it's the other person's choice to heal their heart. You can only do your share, and heal what's inside you. That's what we want to help you with here today.

The healing of a soiled heart is a simple act

But the first thing you have to do is to admit to yourself which person has this feeling for you. That has shown you in their actions that they cannot forgive you, even though you know you did not do anything to harm this person.

We will lead you through a session to open up your heart to forgive both yourself and this other person. Forgiveness is after all one of the most powerful healing you can experience.

You need earphones to continue. Don´t worry about the healing, we will serve for that part. When earphones are plugged in, start by listening to this song with your eyes closed.

There is no right or wrong in what has happened

There's no wrong or failure in what you have done or felt. We have given you what you need and will need to wake up the power of your heart. But there are parts in this you need to forgive yourself or the other person. And that is the next important step before you can go into receiving love from us that will heal your heart.

Take one video of music at a time. Step-by-step listening and watching. Be open to receiving what comes to you. Both within yourself as well as the healing from us.

Moving along with a focus on receiving love in the healing

We move along. Into more feeling. Into focus of receive. You still have a latch you need to go through.

Let go and let us take over. We will lead you through this. We are beside you in every step and will help you through the whole process of this healing.

Let go of your control. Let go of your rejection. Follow every step of what is happening here, you don't need to understand right now. Let your body let all the powers free that you need to do this session.

In every part of the music, we will help you open up and arouse what needs to awaken to be healed. Do this with an open mind. Lean back. Let the music carry you into the energy of healing your soiled heart.

Now prepare to open up your heart and receive our love for you. The way into your heart is now open. Now receive. We will guide you with the help of Elisabeth's voice and Staffan's music to let you take us into your heart.

If you wish to understand self-healing and how we can help you further on, We then can help you through the book Awakening or if you need deeper healing with the course Awakening Healing together with us

And if you like to know us better, you can read about the Choir of Angels here.

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