Embracing the Layers of Awakening: The Journey of Physical Consciousness

There are multiple forms of awakening. Many perceive that there is only one kind of awakening, specifically the spiritual or mystical kind.

When I wrote my book, "Awakening- to heal and get closer to Yourself," I experienced an awakening. The book became the journey to help others navigate the initial level, the beginning, or a new consciousness, so to speak. At that time, I felt awake and aware, and life was in a beautiful balance where I almost floated through my existence. But there was so much more to discover...

Different types of awakenings

Different types of awakenings exist. I immediately notice the difficulty in articulating the text, as it remains challenging to explain. This complexity arises when I need to convey something from the depths of my soul.

So, pay attention! I will endeavor to convey everything I receive so that you can understand my intended message.

There are multiple forms of awakening. Many perceive that there is only one kind of awakening, specifically the spiritual or mystical kind. While this is partially true, focusing solely on one aspect neglects many crucial details and fails to address the full potential within you as a human being and soul. For those seeking personal growth and striving to realize their utmost potential, I need to encompass various facets. It is my purpose in this life to help you comprehend and assist you in embracing your essential role in the profound transformation of this era.

Stage one: The physical

The physical awakening represents what is commonly referred to as stage one. It encompasses multiple dimensions in itself, as it revolves around understanding oneself as a human being and an individual in this world.

Many believe that once they have undergone the physical awakening, they have reached the end. "I am awake, I am aware, I perceive life in a new way, I have become a different person."

On one level, this is completely accurate. You have experienced an awakening. You possess awareness. Your vision is clearer. Life flows through a wholly transformed lens. You have purged yourself of abundant layers of falsehoods, sorrows, traumas, life experiences, and childhood memories. You emerge as a new individual. Not only have you purified yourself, but your relationships have also undergone cleansing. You assert boundaries and perceive life through fresh eyes. Yes, you are awake. However, this awakening pertains to a holistic aspect. One puzzle piece has fallen into placeā€”the piece that reveals your identity as a physical entity.

I would like to share an image that captures the essence of being physically aware/awake. Take a moment to observe it. Reflect upon it and tune into its energy. Do you recognize the sensation? This signifies the state of being physically awakened.

This image was one I contemplated using for the cover of the international edition of my book, "Awakening- to heal and get closer to Yourself" I presented it, along with several other variations, in different contexts to observe the reactions it elicited. The majority of individuals fell in love with this image because they resonated with it. That's when I realized that they identified with it because a vast number of people have undergone and are currently experiencing a physical awakening. The image encapsulates the sensation of how the physical awakening feels. However, as I mentioned earlier, this represents only one level of the complete awakening, but many interpret it as the final destination. While it can indeed serve as the endpoint for some, it is not the end if one chooses to continue exploring deeper within oneself. It is through this ongoing exploration that one draws closer to the realm of the soul.

The physical awakening is an extraordinary place to exist. Life is delightful. You are conscious. You comprehend that you create and experience life based on your inner essence. However, lingering unrest resided within me, urging me to venture deeper. I couldn't settle for what I had experienced thus far. Therefore, I embarked on the continuation of my journey.

Stage two: The Grand Awakening

Already during the physical awakening, you often get a taste of the soul's wisdom. You increasingly feel connected to yourself and experience that you are something beyond your physical body. Many times, you have also found yourself thrown into past lives to resolve various traumas and similar experiences. This is because, on a higher level, everything is interconnected. The physical and spiritual awakenings form a cohesive whole with several different stages that, together, constitute the grand awakening. Only a few people find themselves in the state of total awakening - in other words, having gone through both stages with all their different parts. It is a long journey, and many choose to remain at the physical level. They are content with their lives and are unaware that they can delve even deeper. Even I felt awakened when I became conscious of the physical level. I was a new person, and I could see how I created my own life. However, as I mentioned earlier, something still unsettled me. I felt incomplete. I had to move forward.

It was my soul that started calling louder from within. It screamed within me. More traumas and past lives surfaced, and the previously used tools for balance were no longer sufficient. Meditation was soothing, but it didn't take me all the way anymore. The insights I had gained about life started to crumble as I saw new paths. Chaos erupted within me, just as it had during the earlier stages of awakening. Suddenly, it felt like I was once again immersed in the night of the soul, where traumas emerged from within my body seemingly out of nowhere. It couldn't be stopped. However, this time, I was aware of what was happening because I had undergone a physical awakening before. The steps were similar, yet different. Fewer people understood what I was experiencing because those around me had not reached this level; most were still on the physical level of awakening.

Being aware of what is happening this time, the chaos is both less and greater simultaneously. In this awakening, more pieces need to come together. Imagine it this way: in the physical awakening, you need to integrate your life here, understand the programming you have acquired, discover your identity, and often touch upon the soul level of why you are here.

However, in the spiritual awakening, you must integrate all aspects of who you are from the universe's perspective. You must understand why your soul has undergone everything it has, piece together countless lifetimes, and reveal your true self - on a profound, authentic, soul level. It encompasses a perspective far greater than merely human life, and therefore, it becomes confusing at times to merge everything into a coherent whole. You must reconcile both your physical existence here and now and your existence as a soul. This means that you will see your mission crystal clear, why you are here. You will perceive yourself on such a deep level that it will astound you.

I admit it; I have been terrified at times. I am aware and completely unaware simultaneously. Trust has wavered like never before. I have crumbled entirely. I have been so sick for an entire year, unlike anything I have experienced in my entire life. I have cursed the gods, the universe, and myself, and I have wanted to abandon my entire life. But at this stage, there is no turning back. The soul has spoken, and the awakening continues. It can no longer be stopped, even though I can see myself trying to stop a runaway herd on my own. The forces that have awakened are too great; they cannot be restrained.

Eventually, you reach a point where you let go. You simply go with the flow. You do exactly what the soul asks of you. There is no point in resisting because you can see that resistance is the work of the ego (we can discuss the ego another day as it deserves its discussion). When you resist, you only encounter anxiety, restlessness, and a sense of meaninglessness. You get caught up in the belief that life has no purpose, while the soul is working to break through and reveal the true meaning. Despite this, you can still experience great happiness in life on many levels. However, the deeper aspects are missing, resulting in unnecessary suffering. Therefore, you let go and allow the soul to do its work in awakening you.

Closing statement :)

Returning to the book cover I was creating for my international audience. What I noticed when I showed the cover that most people liked was that they recognized the feeling of awakening - because they had all experienced the physical part of awakening. But what I saw with a completely different image (the one I personally liked the most from the beginning) was that it attracted a whole different kind of people. Those who, like myself, were searching for something even deeper. Those who wanted to awaken completely and fully. So take a look at the image. What does it evoke in you?

This is the awakening of the soul.

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