Unveiling the Journey: Embracing Spiritual Awakening

You might have come a long way through a spiritual awakening, or you could be one of those who yet don't know you´re already experiencing one.

The spiritual awakening that will guide you to your soul purpose.

We are so pleased to welcome you here, though this means that you are ready to make a big transformation with you and in your life. A transformation that will change both your life as well as other people´s life. Eventually, this will gain effect on the great spiritual awakening of the earth, which we all so desperately need to raise the frequencies of this earth. So that we all can live in more harmony and the earth and humanity can survive.

Because that´s how bad it all has gained today. Our survival hanging on by a thin thread. You know it and I know it. Humanity is destroying each other and the earth we live on. But, if everyone is doing their part, by going through the spiritual awakening, we can turn it all around. And that’s why you are here because you have a wonderful part to fulfill. Something that your soul has been waiting for and being prepared for through many lifetimes. And your soul is ready to create what it has long longed for. And if you as well as I, feel that a blog is one part of your journey, I highly recommend the treasure map to blog success in 30 days. This e-book was a huge help for me to start this blog, easy step-by-step.

I’m Elisabeth

We will guide you through your spiritual awakening journey

I, as well as you, have been prepared through many lifetimes for my spiritual awakening. For me, especially being a messenger for the highest good to guide the ones ready to wake up and take their place in this universal tribe of awakening. (If you want to read more about my work, check in on the book Awakening)

If the words sound simple, or the grammar is incorrect in this blog, it’s because my occurrence is in Sweden. But the important thing is that you will anyway understand the things we will write to you in this blog. And we will speak directly to your heart and into your soul, which is all that matters. And you will get to know both me and the choir of angels in future posts.

You have started a wonderful and exciting spiritual journey

You have started a journey. A great, big journey, that has the end of the brightest and clearest soul potential you can imagine and experience. We’re here to help you with your transformation, to reach your highest potential, and experience your tremendous transformation. So that you can be the person, the soul, that you’ve always been meant to be. (If you want to see how we can help you, see our services)

You might have come a long way through your spiritual awakening, or you could be one of those who yet have no idea of what spiritual awakening are, even less than you´re already experiencing one. The raising of energy you need to do through your transformation in the spiritual awakening can in some parts feel very difficult and you have no clue what’s happening. It can hurt and come with big anguish and grief and this is normal in the process that you’re doing.

And I know, that you are here for a very special reason, reading this, right here and now. And this, my friend it’s all that matters. For you would not have found this if you were not meant to be reading this. And I would like to start by saying to you, and listen deep into your heart and soul when reading this, you have wisdom inside of you that needs to be released. Your soul needs to be released, for you have a very special place to fulfill in all of this.

You can read about what spiritual awakening is in this blog post

Talking to spirit guides and angels

I was sent to do this blog, by my spiritual guides and angels that I work together with, to be the messenger with the words and scripts you need to see and hear. This may sound crazy (I sure as hell feel that sometimes) but I came to a point in my awakening that I couldn’t hold back who I was and what I was meant to do anymore. And that is why we, me and the choir of angels (I did not come up with the name, that was the angel’s choice) building this portal that this blog is a part of.

But for now, we send you all the love you can bear and we’ll meet again.

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